Welcome to Jesus & Friends Online !


Jesus & Friends is an On-line fellowship experience, where all those who seek to share the authentic experience of being a living part of the expression of His Body and church in their world.


This platform is non-denominational, non-religious, non-political, non-racial and non discriminating, and shares the heart of the Father in authentic expression.


It is a place to gather and to grow, to love and to experience the Holy Spirit communicating, to be transfered, to renew and remake, to be free from religious mindsets, to laugh and to be at peace.


This new platform is a new launch and will continue to develop in content as the lock down eases and our studio begins to broadcast events on YouTube and other social media platforms.


Your host and friend in Christ, Johann van der Hoven.

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The Holy Spirit is redefining "Christianity" as it has been introduced to the church and the world. Millions are being led out of captivity in a time where true Sonship is rediscovered and as multitudes are meeting the REAL Jesus and come to understand what he REALLY comes to do for them!

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